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Ivan Ananda Harsono

The Founder of Picmax Studio

Experienced software engineer, who loves to learn new things and building things to solve problems.



Jul 2017 - Present

Jakarta, Indonesia

PT Bank Rakyat Indonesia (Persero) Tbk

Aug 2015 - Jul 2021 · 6 yrs

Technical Lead

Jul 2019 - Jul 2021 · 2 yrs 1 mo

Jakarta, Indonesia

- Leads all technical for Ceria app.
- Design architecture for Ceria app.
- Maintaining, monitoring, and improve the quality of every Ceria apps and services.
- Reviewing Code.
- Hands on with Code.
- Solve technical problems and create decisions for every case that happened in production.
- Responsible to create timeline together with PM based on team member workload.
- Implement good practice, not just code but also efficiency in the development process
- Lead and supervise technical assessments and internal & external development teams.

Tech Stack : Javascript, Java, Kotlin, Node JS, Express JS, Hapi JS, React JS, Next JS, Android Native App Development, MongoDB, PostgreSQL, MySQL, NiFi, Redis, Docker, Kubernetes, Git.

Software Development Engineer, Mobile Apps

Jan 2017 - Jul 2019 · 2 yrs 7 mos

Mobile App Development Team - EChannel Development Group.

-Responsible as the Front-end Mobile Developer.
-Develop and enhance several mobile apps for customer and BRI agent like : BRI Mobile, BRILink Mobile, Merchant Mocash, BRI iBBIZ Soft Token, KPI Mobile, etc. Using Java and React Native
-Enhance and maintain SMS Banking Back-end service.

Tech Stack : Javascript, Java, Node JS, React Native, Objective-C, Android Native App Development, IOS Native App Development, MySQL, PHP, Git.

Software Engineer

Jul 2016 - Dec 2016 · 6 mos

CAMS Team (Card Management System ) - EChannel Development Group.

-Responsible for enhance the card database.
-Develop, maintain and enhance application that used to request new card and used by customer service to manage card.
-Maintain and enhance Card Back-End Service that used to validate the card information for each transaction (It validates the card number, cvv, pin number, etc ).

Tech Stack : Proswitching, ISO8583, Linux

IT Officer Development Program

Aug 2015 - Jul 2016 · 1 yr

Raion Community

Mobile App and Game Programmer

2012 - 2015 · 3 yrs

Build games and apps for mobile apps

Tech Stack : Unity 3D, C#, Java, Game Development, Mobile App Development

Wemoji - WhatsApp Sticker Maker

Dec 2018

App to make your own sticker for WhatsApp with feature to Free Hand Crop photos, Add multiples photos, Add text, emoji, sticker and more!

Cupace - Cut and Paste Face

Mar 2017 - May 2017

Cupace - a simple and powerful photo editor app for android to cut and paste face in a photo. You can create funny photos and swap a faces in a photo by Cut a face or a part of a photos and paste it to another photo. And you can add text and stickers to photos.

Ceria - Digital Lending by Bank BRI

Aug 2018 - Jul 2021

Ceria is a Digital Lending by Bank BRI based on Android applications. All saving customer of Bank BRI can apply for Ceria facility. With Ceria, user will get a chance of getting up to Rp 20 million facility whenever and wherever within 30 minutes.

Ceria is officially registered and supervised by the Financial Services Authorization (OJK)

BRILink Mobile

Jan 2017

BRILink Mobile adalah aplikasi mobile dengan menggunakan sarana internet sebagai jalur komunikasi transaksi pada mobile device seperti smartphone atau tablet berbasis OS Android untuk melayani berbagai layanan dan transaksi keuangan kepada masyarakat dalam rangka mensukseskan program keuangan inklusif melalui LKD dan Laku Pandai.

Merchant Mocash

Feb 2018

Aplikasi Merchant Mocash adalah aplikasi mobile dengan menggunakan sarana internet sebagai jalur komunikasi transaksi pada mobile device seperti smartphone atau tablet berbasis OS Android untuk melayani transaksi belanja

Implementation of Realtime pathfinding using A* and Reynolds Steering Obstacle Avoidance on Computer Games

Nov 2014

In this project, I integrate the long steering algorithm A * for pathfinding and short steering Reynolds Steering Obstacle Avoidance to avoid dynamic obstacles for Non-player Character (NPC) in Real-Time Environment on Computer Games.

The Adventure of Chiko

Aug 2014

Chiko Hometown have been attack by Aliens !
Let's help chiko to save his hometown !

The Lost Chiko : Mathventure

Aug 2014

The Lost Chiko : Mathventure is a game that combine fun and education. This game is about a chik named Chiko who lost in the middle of the town. Let's help Chiko back to his hometown !